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I am such a fan of Steena Holmes book when she writes genres such as this. I know she veers to chic lit/romance on occasion but for me, she is at her best and I get to RAVE about it here and on all social networks.

This book is no exception.

What would you do if you suspected that a child was being abused?
What about, if you had been abused as a child and people may think its your paranoia?
Because, sometimes this came over in reading this. Would I have self doubt, could I be seeing signs that really aren't there just because I have past to deal with myself?

Alyson Ward is a mom, shes a good mom, but she is an over protective mom. So allowing her daughter to go for a sleepover is a huge big event. Tricia, her sister is the chaperone, and she breathes and lets go and allows her daughter to have a good time.

Alyson and her daughter Lyla have a good relationship I thought. There are going to be times when there are tiny ruffled feathers, but on the whole, they are close.

When talking about the sleepover Lyla reveals something that just doesn't sit right with Alyson, and there the story ensues so rapidly you need to stay with it.

I read this book in one sitting. My eyes were dropping but I was compelled to stay with it. My eyes were sore, but I made myself a cup of tea, walked around with my Kindle and then felt refreshed to read more and finish this book.

At the end, I am saying 'this is the best book this author has written'

I say that to all her books I have thoroughly enjoyed and no doubt, I will saying this again and again and again

Steena Holmes is dealing with a delicate subject matter here and its so sensitively written. From each sisters viewpoint to right down to their moms.

Each character in this book became so real to me I could have reached out to hug them for their pain, laugh with them through the fun times and shared a cup of tea and biscuits around the kitchen table.

I would recommend this read to all my friends who love books like myself or trust my tastes.

Thank you Steena Holmes for another GREAT book and to Lake Union Publishing for my copy via Net Galley

I received this as an advanced copy

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I know this book is not due out until November 2014, but I just had to read it. 

I was so lucky to get my hands on this book of one of my favorite authors [Steena Holmes] through Lake Union Publishing Via Net Galley. I was jumping up and down when they sanctioned I could read it ahead of time.

Steena Holmes has such a lovely way of making her books come alive in your hands, makes you want to be there, right in the midst of all that is happening and help out, give advice. It was no different in this one. 

This subject matter is a thought provoking one. 

As the age old cliché goes 'there are two sides to every story' and this is no doubt an exact action of this cliché.

We have a Mom who lost her boy in a shooting, except, he was the shooter. We have Moms who lost their children because of him.
They all live in a Village, all friends. 

The aftermath is not just about the deaths. Its more than this.

That is all I am saying on the subject!

I was hooked on this read from beginning to end. It really was an eye opener and makes you think of both sides of the coin. 

What would you do? What would I do? Who knows. 

Don't miss out reading this, you won't regret it. Its something that will stay with you for a very long time after you close the final page your mind will still be ticking over. 

The book release is expected 11th November 2014. Mark it to read.

The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

The Memory ChildThe Memory Child by Steena Holmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been a fan of Steena Holmes since discovering the first book I have read by her, Finding Emma.

I was really looking forward to reading this book. The title interested me, as did the cover. I read the blurb and I was hooked in.

As soon as I opened the first couple of pages I could tell this was going to be a book I was going to enjoy, after all, intriguing title, have read a book by Steena Holmes before, the blurb sounding great.

I just love how this authors gets right inside the characters heads. 

Brian is over the moon that his wife Diane is pregnant. Diane is into her carer though and finding it hard to adjust to even wanted this baby. She also has a dark family secret that comes out in this book showing how the past can very much mould us. And our future. 

I can't say too much about the book and storyline as it would be giving too much away. Its not as straight forward as it seems. I'd put this down to a book verging on a huge big twister of events.

When Brian has to go to London, Diane tries to reach him with sent photo's of their daughter Grace, yet Brain never replies.

All is not what it seems though and although halfway through the book you KNOW some things are just not adding up, and little sentences are being dropped here and there, at times you don't realise that the clues are there. Nothing is at straight forward as it seems, you've been warned!

I just ADORED this book. I REALLY did.

Would I recommend it? Hell yes!
Would I purchase it? definitely YES.
Would I recommend it to family and friends? Most definitely AMEN TO THAT!
***I was given this book to read by Amazon Publishing for an honest review*** 

Sweet Dreams by Steena Holmes

Look at the cover folks! Just look at the amazing cover, once you open the book and start to read, its just as good.

Its a very quick read, I read it in one evening, it opens the way for yet another coming back that I sooo soo am waiting for.

Secrets? Not everyone can forgive and forget. That's all I'm saying!

Loved the book!

I read and reviewed this book and it was the FIRST ever book I ready by Steena Holmes

I just loved this box set.

14 wonderful authors all getting together to donate proceeds to a wonderful cause.

I have read some books by these authors so this was a delight to read.

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