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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Review: Guilty

Guilty Guilty by Laura Elliot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a read! I absolutely loved this book. Laura Elliot can sure tell a tale as she has in her previous books which has also gripped my attention from beginning to end.

Guilty starts off with a gripping narration.
A point where it says "A message to the Fearless.
Then it says that no one can call them chicken again.

Intrigued? I know I was.

Just the cover drew me in, but once I started to read I just honestly couldn't put this down.

Karl Lawson has his own wife and family, nearby lives his brother and his wife and family. Their eldest daughter Constance loves her Uncle Karl and seems to turn to him when she has arguments with her parents as most teens do. This particular argument involves Karl as hes provided a night out for the Constance and the girls but under his supervision.

But her parents isn't agreeable to this.

Karl knows a bit of what Constance has been doing, but sorted it. Justin his brother doesn't know, so imagine when it all comes out.
Constance is missing.

There ensues the story of a brilliant plot.

What if everyone had suspicions on you. Karl was under great suspicion with the Journalist outside his home, his wife even not sure about him, so much so she moves out taking his daughter with her.

He looses his job too.

I just really got my teeth into this one big time.

There is a huge twist in this that you won't see coming and not everything is as it seems.

I personally recommend this book.

My thanks to Bookoutour for my copy via Net Galley

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