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Friday, 14 July 2017

Review: After I've Gone

After I've Gone After I've Gone by Linda Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have come across some very interesting subject themes and plots in my time as an avid reader then a reviewer for the past 7 years, this one will stand out in my memory as one that I have enjoyed so much I was either talking about it or anxious to get back to my Kindle to read more of it.

I actually read this in one day by the aide of sync on my Ipad and Iphone. I either had one in my hand or another whilst waiting in the car, waiting at the doctors, waiting for supper to cook.
I was glued.

Jess Mount is 22 years old. She lives a nice relatively quiet life with her dad. Her Mother passed away and Jess found this hard to deal with, she had a bit of a breakdown.

Sadie is Jess best friend, she is strong, loyal and loves Jess to bits very supportive and protective of her.

This is the age of cyberland, social media at its best. Namely, Facebook.

Whilst Jess posts normal stuff to her wall, there is something tragically puzzlingly wrong.
Her Facebook posts have skipped forward 18months, how can that happen? You can't go forward. This happens after she meets Lee, Mr Perfect.

She is now living side by side with Facebook, each time logging on to see her future unfolding.
Its unsettling, its made her anxious, of course it has, is this for real? Or is she having another breakdown.

She shows Sadie, only Sadie can't see it. No screen shots, nothing will show it up as proof.

Lee seems to be the perfect boyfriend, pays her lots of attention, compliments, kind, giving and supportive. Hes everything she needs right now.

alongside this is the revelation that she is dead, yes DEAD. On facebook at least. What's happening, who is doing this, how could this happen, is she going mad?

Tributes from her Father
Heartfelt pour outs from Sadie, its all there. But how did she die.

This plays on her mind all the time. She refuses to look at her Facebook wall. But come on, its tempting right? Even if it scares you witless.

I just had to keep on reading and reading, who or what is happening and is this really going to happen to her?

I got so annoyed at Jess, I wanted her to just see what was happening in front of her eyes as the story unfolded. I wanted to grab her and shake her WAKE UP....
You can change this, you do have the power to change this.

I enjoyed this so much its shot up my charts of what I have read this year, for sure.

My thanks to Quercus Books via Net Galley for my early copy.

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