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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Review: Her Husband's Lover

Her Husband's Lover Her Husband's Lover by Julia Crouch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a dark psychological thriller that involves two women. Louisa and Sophie.

The book starts with a gripping lead.
An accident that involves Sophie, her children and her husband.

The accident only left Sophie, she had serious injuries.

She lost her husband Sam and children.

I am not giving anything away by telling you this as this is nothing to what you discover as you read more and more.
Sam had a lover Louise. He was going to leave his wife Sophie for Louise.

Sophie wants to take away and strip bare everything Louisa ever had from Sam.
Her inheritance, her reputation, and everything she stand for, even her life.

Louisa is heartbroken, Sophie is pregnant.

Louisa, the wife and Sophie the pregnant mistress.

This is a story darker than dark. You think it would be straight forward, jealousy, revenge, but no.

The ending will get you between the eyes, leave you gasping.
Then you stop, then you realise just how addictive this book was.

My thanks to Headline in providing me with my copy.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Review: The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well well well. Should I be surprised that this author Mark Edwards has left me gasping for breath at the end of this read? Definitely not! Compared to other books written by Mark Edwards I should have known that I'd be left with the thought "What a fabulous enjoyable read that was!"

Do not read the Letter from Author at the back of the book until you've read the full story. It might give away details that may spoil your enjoyment.

I personally look forward to reading The letter at the back from Mark as he intrigues me on how he comes up with his subject matter.
This sounded like a challenge to him at times working on themes and intricately adding data and making it as factual (even though it's fiction) as possible.

The plot is water tight.
The book is long with short snappy chapters that lead us awe inspiringly into another.

It's told in two parts. It's been very cleverly knitted together where the seams are invisible.

I was glued to this book. And I love how some authors make areas of known parts that are real come to life.
This author does that.

He clearly makes each person in his story become reality to us readers, breathing life bit by bit. I imagine them as empty shells and as we read air gets pumped into them bit by bit as we learn and understand the characters he's created.

A couple of reviewers who have knowledge of certain factual within this book have pointed out some "mistakes" for the majority of us who just enjoy a good plot, excitement and ignore some mistakes will find this an acceptable in the degree of the brilliance of this authors work.

The DI female is a formidable woman.
She's come from a big town to a small village/town that has never seen the likes of what has been happening here, and maybe, will never see again....
But who knows.

We are thrown off the scent a few times and I have to humbly admit to being fooled, I was held out on the climax big time with this one for sure.

The attention to detail was a delight to read and some amusing sentences believe it or not.

Ben was such a lovely person trying to raise Ollie his son the best way he could since his marriage split up.
Not always did it go to plan.

There were several characters in their happy places within this thrilling thriller that gripped me by the throat as much as the Villian gripped Ben by the balls.

An absolutely superb read.

Thank you to Thomas & Mercer, Mark Edwards and the Publicist for my copy.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Review: Fell

Fell Fell by Jenn Ashworth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a book that dropped through my letterbox from Sceptre. I read the blurb and the premises seemed fine to me, captured my interest even though this is not my usual taste of books. I really find things spirits and ghosts a bit of a turn off.

The plus sides are that it is very atmospheric and very well written to get you believing in what is being narrated here.

When the "speaking from husband and wife" who are no longer alive but seen to be taking care of their daughter from they're graves is quite haunting to read [to say that least]

The aim of their protection for they're daughter from beyound the grave and to correct a wrong is quite enthralling.

There is definitely a chase on to believe in miracles within this read.

I can understand that readers who like this kind of 'ghosty' tales are hooked, they will be more than satisfied with this story, alas for me, it didn't 'float my boat'.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Review: Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Beneath the Surface by Sibel Hodge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sibel Hodge is an author that I can't but eagerly await her "latest book" I just know I'm in for a fabulous read, I can always be assured of this. She's one of my top psychological thriller writers.

From the very first book I read written by this author I was hooked.

I find her books well worth waiting for.

I'm surprised at each different plot, different theme, realistic characters in her book, how she feeds life, breath and emotion into each.

When I started this book I knew I wouldn't be able to do much else. I'd want to sit and read it all.

The female lead is a strong woman, the author also lets her readers in to her vulnerability too to make her more human. Emotional. So we can find sympathy.

The way the story starts grabs you in its net and that's where you wriggle around in your seat reading this.
Enjoying the plot.

There are deaths, unexplained suicides. She has a lead, like a hunter, she goes after her prey.

I loved the topical theme within this plot. It gave me something to think about in reality too.
This is newsworthy stuff!


Who is to be trusted.

The families who suffered in this domino effect I really felt for.

My review will become clearer once you've read the book.

I thank the author. I thank Thomas & Mercer via Net Galley for my copy.

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Review: Liar

Liar Liar by K.L. Slater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well this author has done it again, shes written unputdownable psychological thriller that has kept me on tender hooks all the way through and although I got a whiff of dirty misdemeanours, some were never confirmed by the author leaving [me] the reader totally in awe and captivated long after I read the last page.

Judi was a likeable person. I admired how close her grown son Ben was to her, and of course, she helped him look after his two sons after his wife died. Cleaned house, did the washing and ironing and fed them.

Ben meets Amber. Its never easy for us Mums when children fall in love and meet someone. But Ben had been married and Judi got along with her previous daughter-in-law so seeing that she wants her son to be happy then she would befriend Amber. But the author lead us down another route which I didn't expect or see coming.

Then there is her husband.
Then there are Ambers secrets and past.
Judi's other son had died but we don't know how. But Judi's grief is very much at the forfront within these pages.

Judi is also going through the menopause and gets hot flushes. I know first hand how that can affect a woman, sleepless nights, mood swings, forgetfulness and sometimes being just darnright unreasonable. So most times she just came across as a middle aged woman who adored her son, grandkids and just resented having to take a back seat now that Amber was on the scene.

Is that the reason why Judi dislikes Ben's new girlfriend?
Maybe her grief has got her to the point of focusing on Ben and her grandsons, after all, apart from her job, who else needs her.

There are rapid movements within this tale that will get your stomach twisted in knots, you won't know if you are coming or going.

I took one evening to get to 90% and finished it off the following morning whilst eating my breakfast, this was definitely a book I personally couldn't put down.

I loved this authors previous psychological thrillers, her last one BLINK had me on the edge of my seat.

I shout yeahhhhhhh when I see she has another book, so I'm sure to do the same on her next published book.

I was chatting to my husband about this book this morning, eventhough I have started another book this one will stay with you.

THANK YOU bookoutour and NET GALLEY for my copy

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