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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Review: The Stranger Inside

The Stranger Inside The Stranger Inside by Jennifer Jaynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always sit with anticipation for Jennifer Jaynes latest book.
After reading all her books to date I know her style and enjoy her stories.

This book was of no exception.

The people in this book soon became very real to me. The entire family was one I had a window into. I could see mistakes, I could fault find, but, I could also feel the warmth, the sadness and the emotional turmoil of finding that your husband/father had committed suicide.

What does that do to a wife? A mother? Her children.

Diane is an author. She writes mainly thrillers.
Alexa the daughter is a young woman with problems. Her relationship with her mother is not good no matter how Diane tries.
Alexa is very depressed. She lives away from home but comes home often. Usually to do her washing.
She's always fault finding with her mother.

The son, Josh seems ok at the start but he's started to act odd. I put that down to his young age.

The rivalry is very much felt coming from Alexa towards her brother but more for her mother and what the problems are between them soon leak out which give a better insight.

The reader is taken with Diane to her volunteer work, its a crisis hotline which she helps man.

A girl from her daughters college is found strangled.

There starts a term of events that will get you reading chapter by chapter with eagerness.

If you love a good thriller with a great story, this is it.

It starts of steady, but soon gets the readers juices flowing.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Review: The Watcher

The Watcher The Watcher by Netta Newbound
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If someone said to me "Sue, sum this book up in a few words or sentences"

Gripping from the first page
steady pace that quickens its steps to the point of exciting the reader to 'read on' just another chapter.
This has the jaw dropping mind boggling WOW factor with the creepiness that keeps you tingling, that sends shivers down your spine to the worry of fretting over Hannah.

This also had the OMG factor, the more The Watcher came to the fore.


Yes that has relevance to the plot....SNAP

I so loved Max. Shielding, protective, sexy Max.
Hannah was a lucky sod....for a while.

I am not prepared to delve into the storyline too much or the characters within the pages but what I will say is, this is simply the easiest 5 stars to give (and more)
It's edge of your seat reading.

The events that happen are remarkably mind blowing. I felt for each victim.

I'm blessed (or cursed) with a vivid mind. A book to me is very much like someone watching a film. The scenes play out, the people become 3 D, I can see them, I can feel them. Now when that happens to me and I'm left gasping at the last page, watch out author. I'll be looking for your next book.

I honestly and hand on heart saying. The ending was.......WHAT....OMG.
Is there a book 2.
If not, and this is the end then Watch out Hannah.

I placed my Kindle down and tried to sleep. It's been hard reading another book back to back with this one.
I've left it a day before deciding what to follow this one as I was left so much on a high.

Would I recommend this to you. Yes if you like psychological thrillers, crime, mild OMG moments and books that have a very high quality.

This is IT.

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Review: Bardwell's Folly: A Love Story

Bardwell's Folly: A Love Story Bardwell's Folly: A Love Story by Sandra Hutchison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a very pleasant read this was.
This authors work is always a delight to read.

It's like putting on a pair of comfy slippers, grab your throw, hot chocolate and laze on the sofa and read. That's how much I lover her books.
So pleasant to read and you don't have to work hard.

Dori and her brother live in a house that replicates their Fathers house, a southern plantation house, this is in Massachusetts.

It's known historically as Bardwell House.

There's a lot of controversy, family secrets and even a death surrounding all of this which makes for a great family plot.

Racism is touched on too concerning a racist joke.

There is some romance in this, enough to keep the romantics happy in they're seats.

This is a full bodied saga that I enjoyed from start to finish.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Uncoiled Lie by Liz Mistry extract

Uncoiled Lies Extract 1 The Good Guys (The McGuires, father and son, DS Alice Cooper and Ds Sadia Hussain)

Gus closed his eyes and mumbled ‘Shit!’, before turning with a forced smile to greet the
huge man who lumbered over, swinging his medical case by his side. Gus would have preferred
almost any other pathologist to his dad. As he watched the older man approach, he said in a
strangled voice, ‘What the fuck is he wearing?’
‘Looks like a kilt to me, Gus.’ Alice raised one hand to her brow in an exaggerated
manner and peered through the gloom. ‘Yep, definitely a kilt.’
When the pathologist, kilt undulating jauntily, reached them, Alice turned to him and
said, ‘Well, don’t you look handsome, Doc?’
Gus snorted as the man’s already ruddy face glowed even pinker at the compliment.
‘Ah, the lovely Alice,’ Dr McGuire said smiling. ‘Always ready with a compliment and the good grace to make an old man feel welcome.’ He pursed his mouth and glowered at Gus who stood, shoulders slumped, with a grudging half-smile on his face.
‘As you can see, Alice, I was at my Scottish country dance club when I got the call.’ He
turned to Sadia and smiled. ‘Hallo my dear, you do look lovely tonight.’
Almost spluttering, Gus interrupted. ‘It’s not a bloody fashion parade you know. What
the hell’s going on? You can’t come to a crime scene dressed like that!’ He glared at the kilt as if it was infectious.
Dr McGuire smoothed his kilt with a paddle-sized hand. ‘Och, don’t worry, Angus ma
lad, ah’ll be careful. It’ll dry clean, you know?’
Gus’ mouth fell open, ‘I’m not bloody worried about your damn kilt! I just don’t think
it’s appropriate for the pathologist to trundle up to a crime scene dressed like Bonnie Prince
Bloody Charlie.’
Doc McGuire lowered his voice, leaned towards Gus and jerked his head towards the
body. ‘Ah hate tae tell ye Angus, but the lassie’s already deid. So, ah doubt she’d be bothered if
ah wore ma damn birthday suit.’
As Alice turned a giggle into a cough and lowered her mouth into the folds of her scarf,
Gus realised he’d hurt his dad’s feelings. He felt a momentary pang of guilt which dissipated
when he glanced back at his dad and once more saw the offending article of clothing. How long
would it have taken him to pull a pair of damn trousers on? Two seconds that’s all, just two
bloody seconds! But no! He’d got to turn up like some tartan avenger in a Braveheart spoof.
His scowl deepened as Dr McGuire continued, ‘I’m not a bloody eejit, Angus. Like
always I’ll suit up, kilt or no bloody kilt.’ And he marched off to examine the body.
‘Well done there, Gus,’ said Sadia, trying not to laugh, ‘If you’d upset him any more that
kilt of his would be swinging high enough for us all to see if he’s a true Scot.’
Gus let out a puff of air and slouched further into the coat. ‘Course he’s a bloody true
Scotsman. He doesn’t do owt by half, does he?’
Alice patted him gently on the arm, ‘I’m sure he didn’t put it on just to annoy you, Gus.’
Gus looked at her, scepticism shining in his eyes. ‘You think not, Alice? I’m not so sure.
I think my father’s main aim in life is to humiliate me in every way imaginable.’ He exhaled
loudly and rubbed his hand through his hair. ‘Bloody silly auld goat!’
Alice laughed. ‘Why don’t you suit up and join him? At least you’ll be able to hold his kilt down for him. After all, it is a bit breezy over there.’
Gus raised an eyebrow. ‘Yeah, right.’ Trying to throw off his annoyance with his dad,
Gus, shoulders hunched, turned towards the skinny girl who was now watching his dad don his
white suit. Arms wrapped round her frame, she looked so alone and frail; as if a slight breeze
would knock her off her feet. He felt sorry for her, knowing from personal experience that the
numbness she felt right now would soon give way to something much worse. He sighed and
nodded to one of the PCs. ‘Get her a cup of coffee or something and a seat. Make sure she’s

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Review: Keeping Hope Alive

Keeping Hope Alive Keeping Hope Alive by Dawn Kopman Whidden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the finale of a series I have been reading each time the manuscript came hot off her PC.

What a fabulous conclusion.
The Team that we are used to came back together to solve this crime.

Young bodies are found in the woods which point to a Serial killer on the loose.The trouble is there are so many suspects that you think you have it.....but for another twist in the tail.
This authors books are well worth waiting for. Each one of her books take you to a dimension in your head from 'no clue' to ' yeah! I know who it is' I'm confused. Very cleverly written.

This series has been like watching a drama saga on TV broken up in series. Wonderful.

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Review: The Lost Daughter of Liverpool: A heartbreaking and gritty family saga

The Lost Daughter of Liverpool: A heartbreaking and gritty family saga The Lost Daughter of Liverpool: A heartbreaking and gritty family saga by Pam Howes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I wasn't expecting that.
I love this book so much, I really can't wait for the next one to carry on from this one.
It didn't finish as a cliff hanger as such, but, almost certainly kept you gasping for more.

You get some people that seem to sail through life. Then you get others that get all the knock downs life throws at them. How many times can Dora get up from being knocked down.

I found this an emotional read on two levels.

My first level was when Dora and her husband went through a tragedy of event concerning their babies.

The depression and psychosis that Dora goes through is tragic. But she mends.
Only for other things to happen.

I so felt for Dora. I could understand her mental state, her anguish and her way of thinking and her unhealthy mind turning and twisting things.
Very scary for her husband and a lonely road for him to go down. I've been there. Bringing up kids with the aide of his mother-in-law.

It's real people within these pages. They are tangible. I can feel them.

So many tears were shed whilst reading this I got a blocked nose! Red eyes.

Just where is Dora and her hubby going to end up?

What about Frank her brother. Oh my dayz I'm so into this family unit I feel a part of it.

My thanks to the author for such a fantastic read. I'm waiting on the next instalment. I won't forget what this is about ever.
Thank you to Bookoutour for my early copy.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Review: Relativity

Relativity Relativity by Antonia Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who would know that physics and astronomy could be so interesting.
When I first received this book from the publishers I just wasn't sure.
But I read every book that is sent to me (eventually) so started this one with less enthusiasm as needed.

I have been shockingly surprised how much I loved this. It's so well written and has some really heart turning and heart skipping moments.

Definitely one to be considered
Take a second look, then buy it.

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‘A true storyteller: her characters are alive’ Christos Tsiolkas, author of The Slap
‘Wonderful; a beautifully written, heart-breaking novel’
S J Watson, author of Before I Go to Sleep
‘Genuinely difficult to put down’ Greeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Project
‘I tore through it’ Courtney Collins, author of The Burial
Published 17th January 2017
Paperback | £8.99

‘An affecting, gripping debut novel about the nature of family and identity’
Mail on Sunday
Ethan is an exceptionally gifted young boy, obsessed with physics and astronomy.
His single mother Claire is fiercely protective of her brilliant, vulnerable son. But she can’t shield him forever from learning the truth about what happened to him when he was a baby; why Mark had to leave them all those years ago.
Now age twelve, Ethan is increasingly curious about his past, especially his father’s absence in his life. When he intercepts a letter to Claire from Mark, he opens a lifetime of feelings that, like gravity, will pull the three together again.
Relativity is a tender and triumphant story about unbreakable bonds, irreversible acts, and testing the limits of love and forgiveness.
Antonia Hayes, who grew up in Sydney and spent her twenties in Paris, currently lives in London with her husband and son. Relativity is her first novel.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Review: No Safe Home

No Safe Home No Safe Home by Tara Lyons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You're home should be your castle.
You're home should be where you feel safe.

But these women with their child wasn't.

Different times. Different home.
And as yet unrelated to each other, but, are they? Is there a connection.

Hamilton is a believable character. Headstrong and moving forward with the case and his team.
But there is a vulnerability that lingers inside him, emotions run deep. He struggles to suppress them.

We find out a little of what that is.

Katy. She has made a new life for herself, but to save herself and others can she remain with the secrets?

Rocky is someone I'm looking forward to getting to know more about.

The plot moved at a steady pace, a dip now and again, but at least it gave me thinking time.

Good last chapter.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review: Don't Look Behind You

Don't Look Behind You Don't Look Behind You by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mel Sherratt has done it again. She's kept me awake until I saw daylight coming through my window.

I just loved meeting up with Detective Eden again. She's a hard woman, dedicated to her work. Feels for each person and runs a tight ship.

This time we also got to see some of what makes Eden the woman she is.

There are vulnerable women within these pages and you tense up and your tummy knots up with each event that plays out.

Imagine making a new life. But looking over your shoulder constantly.

Three women are attacked randomly and separately but is there a connection to each other?
This needs to be found out.

This is a breathtaking, twisty edge of your seat read that when climaxes really hits you for six.

I love this authors style. It flows so well, like a good movie where you sit, relax, then tuck your feet under yourself, find yourself holding yourself tightly and gnashing your teeth in the parts that are intense.

I throughly enjoyed this read. Looking forward to the next one.

Thank you to Bookoutour and Net Galley for my early copy.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Review: Blink

Blink Blink by K.L. Slater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



This had me hook line and sinker.

I always take note of Titles and book covers and this sure told a great story.

It's a Mums worse nightmare. Your child going missing.
I've read lots of stories of children being taken, blaming the parents because they allowed them to swim in the pool, walk to the shop only three doors away, play in they're own back garden.

just what was the Mother thinking not keeping an eye on them! <\b>

This story wasn't what happened. Not in any of those instances mentioned above, but, for the Mother, it was the same.
Not only has this Mum got her own guilty feeling but, her daughters gone. And cruelty prevails by the public masses.

Lots of distinctive characters within these pages. I thought I had it figured out.
This authors mind is very very clever, you don't get this until right at the very end.
Then you are gasping, panting and your jaw drops, I kid you not.

So where does the title come in?

I'm not telling.

Blink, and you may miss it.
Blink and no one may see.

Got you guessing? I really hope so.

This is the authors second psychological thriller.
I'm now going to fit in her first one. I've found a new author I can stalk! I mean.....follow.

My thanks to Bookoutour one of my favourite publisher via Net Galley for my copy

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Review: The One

The One The One by John Marrs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a book that stayed glued to my hands, I really was so enthralled with not only the superb writing but the plot.
What an original high quality top marks concept of a wonderfully woven story.

It's unlike any story that I've read before, so, this is so going to be remembered by me in the future as it stands out because of it.

Falling in love.
Seems straight forward.
Attraction, like, emotions, appeal.

Not in this book!

What if there was really a Mr Right or Mrs Right for you somewhere in this big wide world, doesn't take in race, creed, religion, looks, where in the world you lived, age or even sexual orientation?
That there is a genetic match......just for you.

Would you get tested even if you already had a partner? Just to see if they were genetically matched with you?
Oh heck, what if they weren't.

Each chapter took on several chapters individually and as couples.

The chapters would read overlap to the next making it such a fantastic experience as a reader keeping abreast with individuals.

This really has a thumbs up from me. I loved it.

Thank you to Random House Ebury for my advanced copy to enjoy.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Review: Her Every Fear

Her Every Fear Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My wish was so granted when I wanted to read this.
After reading a book by this author before and remembering how quickly I read it because it gripped me, I was eager to see if Peter Swanson could do it again.

I'm excited to say that he did!
When I wasn't reading this I was either thinking about it or talking to my husband about what I'd read so far.

Kate became so real to me.

The trauma she had gone through and the legacy it had left I felt quite emotional for her.

When deciding to do a house swap with a cousin she had never met was plausible and understandable, it meant she could "renew" herself.

That didn't all go to plan. As you read in the write up, her cousins neighbor was found murdered, and much more unravels.

It's a page turner for sure.

I was captured by the quality of the writing, the way the author enspired me to imagine each detail within technicolor in my mind was a sure sign to me how good this is.

I'm someone who easily gets distracted, I'm sure the roof could have caved in on me I was that engrossed.

My thanks to Faber and Faber ltd via Net Galley for granting my wish.

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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Review: Dare to Remember: Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller.

Dare to Remember: Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller. Dare to Remember: Shocking. Page-Turning. Psychological Thriller. by Susanna Beard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If it wasn't for Christmas, new year and my birthday this book would have never been laid down until I had finished it from cover to cover.

Lisa and Ali were just two young women. Enjoying life. Kicking back and having fun until......
Something very bad happened and Ali was killed.

Lisa is undergoing therapy, it's helping her to talk about things but she only at first remembers herself in hospital.
Bit by bit things unfold.

Lisa needs time away, she needs her own company, a time to heal.
She moves into her new place. A good connection is formed with her elderly neighbor who has a dog. He's unable to take his dog out now so Lisa does, often, for lovely park and country walks.

Her day to day life moves on at a slow pace. She has purpose in seeing to her neighbor, walking the dog and now even adopting the dog, her friend, her companion.

She meets Jessica one day. Another friendship slowly blooms although Lisa wasn't eager to let that happen.

Night times though we're different, flashbacks.
Disturbing images and thoughts yet Lisa can't remember what it is she needs to remember.
Why is she feeling like this.

Her therapist is great. suggestions are made yet Lisa cannot always fulfill them.

I could hardly pull myself away from this fabulous read that kept my interest from page one to the end.
The characters were well grounded in my mind. I hung on every word, every sentence.
Fabulous authors talent to clear my head of everything around me and keep me focused on this story.
Great plot, great conclusion

My thanks to Legend Press via Net Galley for my personal copy.

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