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Friday, 11 July 2014

Blueberry Hill, a Sister's Story by Bette Lee Crosby

Blueberry Hill, a Sister's StoryBlueberry Hill, a Sister's Story by Bette Lee Crosby
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I had the wonderful privilege of reading this almost as soon as it left Bette Lee Crosby's PC! the ink hadn't dried on it, so I was super excited!!! I just love this authors books with a passion.

When she told me it was based loosely on her childhood and her sister, I was so eager to read it.

Travelling back in time isn't always easy, and although this story is based on childhood, its also fiction.

The sister has her problems, big problems, and all becomes clearer as time goes by that [Bette the eldest of the two sisters], that their mother holds Bette responsible for everything her sister does. Which of course, is impossible, however, the effects it has on Bette can be seen enormously in how she takes on too much, far too much responsibility on her young shoulders when in fact, its they're Mother that should be sorting things!

Having anyone with an addiction in the family is tough. I've personally not experienced it, but reading between the lines of Bette Lee Crosby's new book, its a nightmare, the worse nightmare anyone can imagine, and the emotional rollercoaster.

Although Bette Lee Crosby has put this book out there as fiction, I can see a lot of truths that she must have experienced and can't imagine the depths of emotions she must have felt writing this book.

I applaud her, because she has told it brilliantly, its factual, its emotions, yes you will need some tissues, but its also honest and has a lot of integrity for her family in it.

I felt honored to be chosen to read it when it was only a small manuscript, its now a book that everyone can read and enjoy, and a little peek into this authors life. She's written yet again.....a remarkable story that will stay with me for a very long time.


From the USA Today Bestselling Author of Spare Change comes the heartwarming story Blueberry Hill, a Sister’s Story.

Based on the realities of her own family, Crosby calls this a memoir of sorts. Traveling back to a time when the sisters were young enough to feel invincible and foolish enough to believe it would last forever, Crosby has bared her soul in a story of regrettable decisions and inevitable outcomes.

Blueberry Hill is a tale of family relationships, love and tragedy. It is a story that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you have closed the book

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