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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Taken Monty Marsden TOUR

Monty Marsden 


A gripping thriller full of twists you won't see coming... The next serial killer read from the author of Missing and Hunted. Perfect for the fans of Angela Marsons and Jeffrey Deaver. 

It's been two years since mass murderer, Giacomo Riondino, disappeared after killing Greta Alfieri...Dr Claps, devastated and guilt-ridden by Greta's death has been on a man-hunt for Riondino ever since. Meanwhile, an American girl disappears on the 382nd step of the Cerro trail in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
 No one saw her disappear. 

Who took her? 
And how? 
When the US authorities contact Claps, he is certain that it must be Riordino. 
But, unlike Riondino's other victims, the girl has disappeared into thin air... Will Claps solve the puzzle, or will he lose his mind in the process, blinded by his own obsession? 

I really think when I read a book I need to see if its part of a series because in this case, it mattered. I was tossed and torn between different events within this book in the series due to me always wondering what I missed in the previous book Hunter. Nevertheless it was a fast paced book that I could take on board.

Claps is in Ecuador as Sheila Ross an American senator's daughter has gone missing.
Riondino is the person who commits these crimes and who I gather from previous books from this story Claps has been hunting. 

Dr Claps was the one who helped captured Riondino in the first place where he was admitted to a secure psychiatric facility, but not secure enough as hes escaped leaving corpses in his path. 

I enjoyed reading the multiple personality disorder as I am aware a little about this, I thought the author had gone into this is quite a brilliant detail and I have learnt even more than I did before.

I think I need to go back on the previous books though. 

My thanks to Aria for my copy and Net Galley

Monty Marsden, a Tuscan by birth, grew up in Milan, where he studied medicine and still works. He lives in the province of Bergamo, with his wife and four children. 

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Review: The Child Next Door

The Child Next Door The Child Next Door by Shalini Boland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my. A captivating unputdownable evocative emotional twisted thriller.

Here is Kirstie a new mom on maternity leave from a school she works at.

One day she is in the lounge with baby Daisy asleep upstairs when she hears on the baby monitor "lets get the baby and go"
She runs upstairs in a totally hyperventingly state of panic, only to find that Daisy is asleep in her cot.

What would you think?
Would you check to bedroom window to see if you can see anyone out there? Make sure the window is shut?
Would you look upstairs and downstairs to see if there are any intruders are in your home?

She calls the Police, she calls her husband.
She needs to tell the neighbours right? Just in case someone in the road has a baby.
What's happening?

She doesn't think anyone does have a baby but she wants the neighbours to be aware, its not safe.

Her BBF lives across the road, named Mel, she has children but not a babe in arms.

The Police find it hard to be convinced of her story.
They said for her to get back to them if there is anything else.

Other things start to happen, her husband knows she is overtired and needs rest, he encourages her to see the doctor.

Her relationship with Mel is suffering and we find that Kirstie is harbouring all kinds of suspicions.

Shes suspicious about one of her neighbours, her husband, her friend.

The view the neighbours have of her is shes some paranoid woman.

Shes a new mom, could it be post natal depression.

Shes stuck in the home a lot, shes used to working. Like a lot of new moms she may feel isolated and stuck in a rut at home.

Her husband worries about her. He is training for a triathlon and he works, so he can't stay with her all the time.

Kirstie preforms little rituals, maybe OCD is creeping in.

Oh that ending.
Oh my that ending,
OMG that ending did NOT expect that. It blew me away.

I had been tossed all over the place trying to figure out what was going on inside Kirstie's head, but that ending had me gasping loudly. I was still thinking of it when I awoke this morning.

Many thanks to Bookouture via Net Galley for my copy

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Review: Summer at Oyster Bay

Summer at Oyster Bay Summer at Oyster Bay by Jenny Hale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this read and everything about it. Emily goes back to Oyster Bay where she grew up, she and Rachel her sister were brought up by they're grandparents as their parents had died in an horrific accident.

Three years later we see her return, shes broken up with her fella who wanted to marry her.

She manages to get a job as an Events manager where she meets someone.

This is an emotional story, a Happy ever after.

Thanks to Bookouture for my copy via Net Galley

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Review: New Every Morning

New Every Morning New Every Morning by Ann Purser
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Little village life, you can't beat it or you hate it.

An English countryside, a school may close; so the village folk gather around to save the school, one by one we get to know the characters.

Unfortunately for me this was the third book in the series so I was a bit lost.

I won't be going back to read more though as it didn't stand out to me at all.

An OK read.

My thanks to Endeavour Press via Net Galley

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Review: When I Lost You

When I Lost You When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this authors books. In this book we met Susan Webster she has been discharged from a psychiatric unit after murdering her 3 month old son. She is now known as Emma Cartwright. Reinventing herself and starting a new life.

She doesn't recollect what happened. Then in her new home and new surrounding and with a new name an envelope addressed to her with her previous name on it arrives. It refers to a photo of Dylan her son.

Who knows where she is now living, who knows her, whose following her?

She needs to find out what really happened that day.

The storyline was superb.
The ending let it down for me though taking it down to a 4 star.

My thanks to Bookouture via Net Galley for my copy

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Review: Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an extraordinary remarkable story. This was an easy book to get into right away, it certainly held my attention.

I have sat on this review for a few days now wondering how I could write a review without giving anything away, I need to say, this book won't be for everyone, and its hard to say "I loved it" but I did, for all sorts of reasons.

The authors writing is well and truly remarkable, easy to read, flows well and evenly without let up so the reader never gets bored, I felt everything that this Mother felt, and much more.

Hannah doesn't speak, has never spoken, can she or won't she?

When I had to put this book down to sleep or eat or do some boring chore around the house, I remained thinking about what I had just read. Its impossible for me to place all my varied thoughts on this in a single review.

I was talking to my husband about the subject matter. Without giving anything away I was tossed in so many thoughts and ideas within its pages, supernatural ? Nature or nurture? Mental health?
But shes a small child {I kept reminding myself}

Is this how serial killers have no conscience?
Does is start from a small age?
Is it the parents fault?

I had so many unanswered questions.

I knew I would get to the bottom of this in the end with the help of the author.

Reminding myself that Hannah was a young girl was a constant battle for me.

I felt for the Mom. You never want to admit to yourself that there is something wrong with your child. Even if you are told that you're child is a little bully, you don't want to listen.

So, its not helpful or constructive when her Swedish husband never gets to see the bad side of Hannah, she is always his little 'squirrel' his little darling.

No school can manage Hannah so its left to her Mom to school her from home, her Mom has an illness and finds it hard to cope, you see this as the days go on.

One thing I took from this fictional story [although verges on a fact] is how strong Hannah's parents were together although it seemed sometimes they weren't on the same page but like anything, there are many diversions you can go down but it can lead to the same point. The same destination, and that was, what is best for Hannah.

I warn you, sometimes you may think parts unbelievable, but each has its purpose. You may gasp and raise you're eyes to the ceiling, you will see its all worth while.
The authors research in this field has been second to none. I applaud her.

Its a book I will remember for all sorts of reasons.

As I say, its not to everyone's taste, but is sure impacted on me.

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Review: The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook

The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook by George Stella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My daughter bought this book for me as I need to eat low carb low sugar for health reasons and loosing weight is a super bonus.

I love the story the chef has added with photos of his family. They are an inspiration and shows he “ knows his stuff”.
He’s a chef, but he had to give up work because he became obese, Ill , seriously he had to do something or fear loosing his life. His children were overweight too.

The recipes.

They are mouth-wateringly good. It has photos of the finished food which I love to see. It’s my pet hate when someone writes a cookbook and no photos! It shouldn’t be allowed.

There are even desserts to make using Almond flour which is easily available now.

There are lots in here I will be trying out.
If we like them, I will batch cook and freeze the next time.

Great information in here.

Love it

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