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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Review: Maggie

Maggie Maggie by Netta Newbound
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this authors latest book fully absorbing.

Right from the beginning to end it was a book I was flicking through the pages eager to read more and more.

Maggie has lost her mother recently to cancer, we attend the funeral, on that very same evening her awful step father , Kenny, want 'comfort' and has been abusing Maggie since his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

But Maggie wants it to stop.
She needs it to stop.
How can she stop this?

In self defence she stabs him, fatally killing him, she rings the police and 'owns up' but Maggie is sure in a state.

Maggie gets off with self defence, but in the police force there is someone who doesn't believe her, why? Because he was a friend of Kenny her step father and finds this impossible to comprehend, he also came across to me as a 'dirty' policeman, would my mind be convinced of this at the end of the book?

She goes through hell for such a young girl, awful life she has and so much to cope with.
Her best friend makes an appearance which helps, they have had a difficult relationship.

The twist in this plot is amazing, its very rounded as are the characters.

I guessed part way through who may have been involved but that didn't spoil it as I didn't know why.

I am looking forward to her next book and what she plots for us readers.

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Review: When The Phoenix Rises

When The Phoenix Rises When The Phoenix Rises by Nesly Clerge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third and final instalment I am so sad.
Upon reading book one in 2015 I was hesitant as this was a new author to me and always worry in case the book isn't to my taste, but it was, more than to my taste.

Book two which I read in 2016, was another 5 * for me.

Book three made its way to me, I was so anticipating this final instalment but knowing its the final part was also saddening. And when I got to the last page, this was it.

Frderick's story was no more.

Read the book in sequence its a MUST to do it that way to follow through in the right order.

International book award winner -Gold medal.
What can I say!

Readers favourite 2017 best general fiction.

Frederick wants out of prison. Who wouldn't. Prison changed people. They also come into contact with other criminals harder than themselves.
How to survive?


Frederick not only want to get out of prison, he NEEDS to get out. He has serious reasons and concerns.
His wife is dying, he has three children that need him home.

Even though new evidence was presented at the appeal the judge said 'no'.
Frederick's lawyer give up.

Frederick Stark [known as STARK] made a crew up in prison, hes lived hard in there and had to take some control and now has a kind of 'respect' that is only granted in prison from others in there, but, who is trustworthy?
Hes the captain of his crew, but are they true.

But Stark has to be careful he uses bribes on guards to protect him and on inmate, but can any of then be trusted, would you trust them?

Stark is wary, he is oh so careful.

It was tragic for me to read that his son Kane committed a crime only for him to be sent to prison to be near his Father, but someone beat Kane to death with a metal pipe to get back at Stark, who was it.

Stark is out for revenge.

The trouble is, who did it, who knows who did it, whose brave enough to leak it out.

Who does Stark trust, and can he trust even if someone tells him things, could it be lies.

What conspiracy is going on?
What is the new war that is breaking out?

Just when this is all going on, it comes to his attention that the judge who denied his release is now dead, will Stark ever get out of prison.
Could he re-appeal?

There is violence, there is anarchy and brutality.
Where will your compassion lie, if any.
Who is worthy of your time and emotion, hate, love, twisted and the best trilogy I have read.

My thanks to Nesly Clerge for this great read.

Highly recommended.

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Review: Liar Liar

Liar Liar Liar Liar by Sarah Flint
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book 3 in the series.
I think you can read these as standalones as these are different cased solved by the same DC. However there were some reference to previous books.

DC Charotte Stafford and her team [or DC Charlie as she is known]. Charlie is almost coming to the end of her nightshift, she gets a call from her boss DI Hunter, there is a murder and it needs her attention.

A man had been brutality attacked with acid and stabbed. It came as a shock that this body belonged to a serving officer.
Then another officer is fatally attacked, they soon see that they are dealing with a serial killer targeting Police Officers.

Although the plot was excellently thought out, research and writing superb, there is only so many like minded serial plots you can read which has similarity to them.
There isn't anything that stood out from the crowd for me. It was kinda 'here we go again'.

The pages turn snappy enough as I was also investigating who would want to kill off these officers and why, so it did keep me busy. I kind of guess part way through. I did enjoy it, its writing and happy to give 4 stars because of this, its well researched, but, there was nothing in here that made it stand out from other books with the same themes.

Good plot
Great characters
A satisfying read.

Just a bit slow in parts, wasn't on the edge of my seat with this and I guessed the ending.

My thanks to Aria via Net Galley for my copy

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Review: East End Angels

East End Angels East End Angels by Rosie Hendry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first in a series. We meet the East End Angels who are members of Station Seventy Five Ambulance Crew..
We meet Winnie.
She comes across very strong willed, knows her own mind and where she is going with her life.

She loves being part of the ambulance crew, one of the Angels.

Winnie's parents are not happy that she is doing this job and would much prefer her to join the WRENS.

Bella, a former housemaid had to leave her job due to a [no spoilers] and is pretty down in the mouth about this.
She loved her housemaid job.

Based around the 1940's its a very thoughtful read that makes you think about life back then.

Frankie is the third female in this story, this crew member.
Shes an East End girl and her loyalties lie at home. Its very difficult for her to stay focused on her job.

Each one of these East End Angels come from different backgrounds, different emotions and hope for the future. But can they bond they're relationship.
Can each one help each other to cope.
Can their families cope together as the ultimate happens.

There are some really tragic moments, and one day when the air raids start, what then?
Each women's background knit together to make a beautiful and satisfying read.

It made me reflect on what people had to go through back then. Life is very precious, sometimes we take that for granted.

My thanks to Little Brown book group UK for my copy

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Review: The Girl I Used To Know

The Girl I Used To Know The Girl I Used To Know by Faith Hogan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is based around a four storey Georgian house in a lovely Dublin square.
The women I meet very soon become part of my “life” as the author makes them 3D almost immediately and you cannot help but feel connected to all of them.

Amanda and Richard King purchase this house but it has a sitting tenant named Tess. They think they can eventually get her to move on. But it’s not the case.

Amanda and Richard being owners occupy the top three storeys with they’re children.

Amanda seems to have it all, if you were looking on, you would feel that way too.

Tess who lives in the basement is a lonely lady, but in some ways she’s brought this upon herself, but I did fully understand how and why.
Tess trips over Amanda’s cat one day and ends up at the hospital.
It’s her wake up call on her health.

Amanda is a 45 year old woman who appears down trodden by Richard her husband.
They have everything. Money, comfortable style and she’s in with a coffee morning with the elite husbands.

A wake up call comes to Amanda one day in the detail of a flavoured condom.

Both women separately start to take stock of their lives.
Amanda and Tess roads cross at times but in opposite directions.

A cat has a hand in bringing these two women together where they find they have lots in common.

I love how the chapters went back in time so we could see and get a rounded picture on the past.
What was Tess life like when she was younger.
What was her home life like.
Did she have a family.
Why is she alone.
Did or can she ever find happiness.

The chapters had date headings so it was easy to follow.
They were short and crisp so I found myself flipping through this read faster than I thought.

Carlos.......hmmmmmm lush.

It’s a fab “curl up book” that takes the reader on several surprises.

This read was much more than I expected, it was full bodied and had hidden gems.

My thanks to Aria for my copy via Net Galley

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Secret Mother

The Secret Mother

'Are you my mummy?’

Tessa Markham returns home to find a child in her kitchen. He thinks she’s his mother. But Tessa doesn’t have any children. 

Not anymore.

She doesn’t know who the little boy is or how he got there. 

After contacting the police, Tessa is suspected of taking the mystery child. Her whole life is turned upside down. And then her husband reveals a secret of his own…

Tessa isn’t sure what to believe or who to trust. Because someone is lying. To find out who, she must confront her painful past. But is the truth more dangerous than Tessa realises? 

Oh yes, yes yes yes yes, this was my kind of read, I really have taken this and added it to my top 10 this year, its a screaming from the rooftops fantastic read, if you love a good thriller, if you love to guess what happens next, if you love to stay up all night reading because you simply can't switch your mind off from a book, this is it, you found it, don't look any further.

This is so fast paced it leaves your breathless. One of the best psychological thrillers that I have read that has shocked me, left me dribbling for me and wanting more from this author. 

Tessa comes home and finds an angel has delivered a young boy to her home whilst she was out, hes sat there, yes sat there in her kitchen drawing and colouring in.
There is an ex husband, she calls him, but there are mitigating circumstances surrounding her past with her husband that puts Tessa in danger of being accused of abduction.

Is Tessa going mad, some would think so, even her readers aren't sure.

I have just come across this author and I need to catch up on her other books, I will most certainly be doing that.

My thanks to the author, to Bookoutour and to Net galley for my copy.


Shalini Boland lives in Dorset, England with her husband, two children and their cheeky terrier cross. Before kids, she was signed to Universal Music Publishing as a singer/songwriter, but now she spends her days writing psychological thrillers (in between school runs and hanging out endless baskets of laundry).

Shalini's debut psychological thriller THE GIRL FROM THE SEA reached No 1 in the US Audible charts and No 7 in the UK Kindle charts. Her second thriller THE BEST FRIEND reached no 2 in the US Audible charts and No 10 in the Amazon UK Kindle charts. It also achieved number 1 in all its categories and was a Kindle All Star title for several months in a row. Shalini’s recent release THE MILLIONAIRE'S WIFE reached No 9 in the Kindle UK charts.

Be the first to hear about her new releases here:

Shalini is also the author of two bestselling Young Adult series as well as an atmospheric WWII novel with a time-travel twist.

Kim Nash
Publicity & Social Media Manager

Friday, 10 November 2017

Review: The Chalk Man

The Chalk Man The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are Those kind of books that you just know so deserve your 5* rating, and this is one of them.

Its a story that is going to stand out to me, its kind of unique in its story telling, I felt Eddie was actually speaking to me and telling me his life story.

A groups of boys, making their own adventure dream up a secret code that involves drawing stick men as signs. Each boy has a different colour chalk to represent who the message is from. Very ingenious I thought........until things start to go wrong.

Eddie is now grown telling us his story and his part. Then it flicks back nicely to years before when he was with his mates, its all tied in really well, not confusing at all and very well done.

This book is very different in its writing, it feels very different in its approach which will make this stand out from the crowd for sure.

We have a newly hired teacher Mr Halloran who features in several places within this story.
A girl named Elisa who Eddie was quite taken with even at a young age.

A murder in the woods.

This author C.J. Tudor has a fabulous way with words which keeps you hooked and some really good gems within its sentences which if you read carefully you will never forget.

Eddies summer that changed everything in his adult life is a remarkable story that you won't be able to put down.

My thanks to Penguin UK - Michael Joseph via Net Galley for my early copy

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