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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Review: How I Lost You

How I Lost You How I Lost You by Janet Gurtler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This turned out to be an OK book for me, a sort of 3 and 1/2 stars.

Buds Before Studs. Sisters Before Misters.

How many of us when younger thought we could live by those promises?

The thing is, as we get older, as we learn along the way and life experiences, they can change us, OK we are still 'us' but we may not have the same things in common any more or realise that we do want our boyfriend before the friendship, who knows.,

The book was well written and I did enjoy it on certain levels, its a book that is a light read for me in between heavier books.

Thought provoking for the young 'uns I would say,.

My thanks to Sourcebooks via Net Galley for my copy

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Review: Ava's Gift

Ava's Gift Ava's Gift by Jason Mott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was such a beautiful story. Its told in such a way that you feel each emotion for Ava and for the relationship that she has with Wash.

Such a tender evocative read.

Ava has a gift, its both a blessing and a curse. Like with anything, people can take advantage of your generosity with no respect to you, yourself or your health.

There is so much feeling in between the lines of this story, I just adored it.

My thanks to Harlequin (UK) Limited via Net Galley for my copy

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Review: Beginnings

Beginnings Beginnings by Helen J. Christmas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a dark, suspense that will keep you on your toes. There is crime, death, chase and suspicion that really kept the clock ticking in this plot which is very fast paced and written well.

Eleanor's father is on the run, there are men who want him dead.
The last words he utters to his daughter is, "you will be safe providing they don't find out I have a daughter" I can't imagine how scary this must have been.

But, Dominic Theakston finds her and has promised to do all kinds of things to her which made my stomach churn, I kid you not.

This story is set in six parts and just keeps on giving, there is so much action that you will get breathless.

I am trying not to give away too much as I really want you to read this and enjoy every moment of this fantastically written crime/thriller as I did.

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What She Left

What She Left
Helen Cooper has a charmed life. She's beautiful, accomplished, organised - the star parent at the school. Until she disappears.
But Helen wasn't abducted or murdered. She's chosen to walk away, abandoning her family, husband Sam, and her home.
Where has Helen gone, and why? What has driven her from her seemingly perfect life? What is she looking for? Sam is tormented by these questions, and gradually begins to lose his grip on work and his family life.
He sees Helen everywhere in the faces of strangers. He's losing control.
But then one day, it really is Helen's face he sees...

If it wasn’t near Christmas time I’m sure I would have flown through this book.

I have really enjoyed my journey in this great read. To some readers it may seem slow to start, or they may get fed up of waiting to hear what happened to Helen.

Sam is married to his second wife Helen. He has two girls from his previous marriage. Unfortunately his first wife died.

Five years Sam and Helen have been together. She cooks, cleans, sorts etc to perfection.
Sam works full time.

To all and purposes this family unit seems to be settled and comfortable.

One day Helen ups and leaves.
She’s not murdered or kidnapped.

She walks out on her husband and daughters who she adores.
But why?

Sam reports her missing.

Helen is found alive and well but wants no contact.

I found Sam annoying at times and self centred when he should have helped his daughters cope.

The chapters alternate between Sam, Helen, his older daughter and Laura.

When I got the insight to how his daughter was feeling I wanted to shake Sam, he should have made more time to talk with them and listen.

Tim, Sams brother seemed to be his rock. It didn’t appear that way at times, but he was.

A father trying to hold down a job, see to his daughters, take them to school and clean house was way too much for Sam. He often found his head in a bottle.

When we got to over halfway through this book we learn more about Helen in a surprising way which puts an entirely new slant on Helen.

At the end of this read yes, I had a lump in my throat.

I was torn.

Unhappy for Sam and his girls but he was moving towards the light.
Helen, I was sad, but part of me was happy too.

The epilogue blew my mind.

What a fantastic book.
Thank you Atlantic books for surprising me in the post with this one.

Author Bio –
Rosie Fiore was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied drama at the University of the Witwatersrand and has worked as a writer for theatre, television, magazines, advertising, comedy and the corporate market. 

Her first two novels, This Year's Black and Lame Angel were published by Struik in South Africa. This Year's Black was longlisted for the South African Sunday Times Literary Award and has subsequently been re-released as an e-book. Babies in Waiting, Wonder Women and Holly at Christmas were published by Quercus. She is the author of After Isabella, also published by Allen & Unwin.

Rosie’s next book, The After Wife (written as Cass Hunter), will be published by Trapeze in 2018, and in translation is seven countries around the world.

Rosie lives in London with her husband and two sons.


Publication Date: 1st January 2018  Price £4.99

Lindsey lives in Shropshire with her husband. She has a son and a daughter and three beautiful grandchildren. She is the daughter of million-copy bestselling author Meg Hutchinson.

Follow Lindsey

Twitter: @LHutchAuthor
Facebook: Lindsey Hutchinson

Beloved author Lindsey Hutchinson is back with another novel of triumph over adversity set in the heart of a Black Country community. Perfect for fans of Josephine Cox and Lyn Andrews.

Taken into service, orphan Lily Rae has heard all the stories about what entitled masters think their pretty maid's duties include. But when the very worst happens to her, she knows scrubbing the scullery floors of Ryder House no longer provide refuge from the sadistic Sebastian Ryder... Cold and alone, Lily makes for the town of Wednesbury, knowing she has only herself to rely on...

Tilley Green has nothing to her name except a fine figure her worn, patched-up clothes can't disguise, and the voice of an angel. Destined to be a chorus-hall star Tilley must first escape the clutches of her opportunistic and violent manager, a certain Seb Ryder...

Life has been a long tough struggle for both Lily and for Tilley, but the town of Wednesbury just could be where they can find their own glimmer of happiness...

Buy links:
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Twitter: @aria_fiction
Facebook: @ariafiction

Instagram: @ariafiction

This story broke my heart.
Lily Rae who was in service was abused by the owners son.
She left, there was no alternative for her. Not an easy plight.

What followed Lily after through her life was so hard to bear for any woman. The strength and determination won out but not always easy.

The difficult times, the sad times, the resilience of not only Lily but her best friend too when a tragic circumstance happened and she had to make an awful decision.

Meanwhile wherever Lily went Seb, who abused her, wasn’t far behind. He was obsessed.

There are so many different interwoven characters with superbly written lives weaving around Lily that I really found it hard to put this book down.

Stan......Stan the man. If you read this book, you will grow to love him as much as I did.

There’s a scene in this book where he goes outside and cries.
I was bawling my eyes out with him, I kid you not.

Wonderfully written, absorbing family drama that just pulls you in amongst it all.

Thank you to Aria via Net Galley for my copy

Review: Here, There, Everywhere

Here, There, Everywhere Here, There, Everywhere by Julia Durango
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this lovely paperback from another book blogger who said “you need to read this, it’s quaint” so Sally.....I’m reading it!

Zeus is a lovely lad. He’s had to move home with his Mother and young brother.
His Moms set up a cafe and helps out but most of all, he Care takes his young brother. I found Zeus to be a sweet unassuming lad who I came to adore within the pages.

Upon helping his mom he meets Rose. This is the start of not only a blossoming friendship but a budding falling in love romance.

A lovely sweet relaxing tale which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Review: Count Me In

Count Me In Count Me In by Paige Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This isn’t my usual reads I know, but between some blog tours and dates for books I thought I’d fit in some books I’ve heard a lot about.

The cover let’s this fabulous book down. Yes it’s hot and steamy but it’s also very sad..
I was shocked I’d like this so much.

I think reading other genres then picking something like this up it’s fresh.

It’s a fairly short read which holds a lot of punch. This author has made a good job of this for the enjoyment of readers.

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